Shop Logo.. Dill… The Herb Behind The Gal

The story of how my logo came to be is somewhat complex and quirky,  this seems to be a running theme with me!  What’s the deal with the mushrooms anyways?  Well, for me the mushrooms represent my unconventional sense of design, I like to use items that we see everyday  in an unexpected way.

For the last twenty years of working in flower shops, I have been making arrangements based on what I think people expect, but then found that when I made an arrangement for a gift to one of my own people I would do very different work. For example;  add mushrooms, or copious amounts of moss (you can never have enough moss), bark, various types of fibers, junk and the list continues. In fact , it wasn’t until last year at Christmas time while I was in the process of opening my shop, I had a lot of orders for Christmas. I took myself back to when I spent Christmas in Holland and started using potatoes, onions, mushrooms. I went to the grocery store with a whole other perspective. Then I realized that it was this very quirkiness that would make my shop a success.

As for the Dill Flower, If someone were to say to me “Go to your happy place” I would mentally transport myself into a flower cooler full to the brim with all sorts of blossoms and most importantly a bucket of fresh dill flowers. The combination of that big floral sent mixed with the pungency of the dill is just something I even crave on a bad day.

Another happy place I’ve found in the last few years is working with children through The Boys and Girls Club of Kingston and Area.  My last posting was at Holy Family Catholic School as facilitator of the after school program.  I took this job very seriously and often jumped through hoops in order to share interesting, exciting and meaningful activities with the students. I don’t believe that gluing macaroni to paper is art for example, I do however find that making homemade marshmallows or pasta from scratch is something that children might never get to do otherwise.  This was always worth the effort for me.

One particularly wacky occasion our club celebrated was National Pickle Day, November 14th, every year. We celebrated the cool as a cucumber pickle by taste testing many different kinds  and of course it  wouldn’t be a party without googly eyes now would it? Many a paper pickle were made complete with googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms and legs and construction paper bodies. I think one kindergarten student even turned out a robot pickle, which seemed quite reasonable at the time.

Now, it was a few months past National Pickle Day that I happen to be wondering through Picker’s World, (Kingston’s finest deposit of old junk) when there it was…. I found the find of all finds!!!!! A stuffed Super Pickle!!!!!!!!! This Super Pickle was then flown into my classroom the next day to the sounds of screaming and laughter from my new bunch of pickle fans!!!! Super Pickle then became a big deal for the rest of the school year, everyone wanted a chance to fly Super Pickle around the classroom! Oh so much fun.

Now, Super Pickle himself did have one other very important mission, he made an appearance and stayed for a while in my Dad’s room at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. He along with his two roommates were quite surprised and delighted when I flew super pickle down the hall, into their room and then around the room and up to their pillows several times apparently this is what 30 something women do??

So, there is one last reason that Dill is part of my logo…. that is…. the colour as it is “FANCIER THAN GREEN”…. it is Chartreuse!

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  1. leona Machan /

    I love your sense of design and quirkiness as you call it. Recognized it a long time ago when you were a wee girl singing to the top of your voice across the way in the parking lot of the school .I enjoyed your company always and you will forever have a special place in my heart Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure helping out a little in prep for your opening. Much success . Leona

    1. Michelle / Post Author

      Ah Leona, You’re special to me too!! If only I could have had you as a Mother in Law!!! LOL

  2. Martha Cote /

    In your case, quirkiness is in my opinion creativity with a Capital C . Whether working with flowers or children or animals and the environment, your special flare and caring soul shines through in all you do. Your shop is a wonderful addition to Kingston business and I know you will be most successful.

    1. Michelle / Post Author

      Aren’t you supposed to say that? Isn’t that part of your Mother contract? Nah… that can’t be the case! xoxo

  3. Mariana Abeid-McDougall /

    Your “quirkness” is what makes your shop the best place to find unusual but absolutely wonderful arrangements in Kingston. I frequently recommend your shop to friends looking for a special gift.

    Keep up the great work; you are an amazing designer.

    1. Michelle / Post Author

      Thanks so much Mariana!!!!

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