Come On In Stranger!

Have you ever heard of the Fuller Brush Man before? Growing up, every once and a while a nice older chap would ring our door bell on Montgomery Boulevard. Our family loved to hear this and to see the Fuller Brush Man on the other side of the door. Even though he was a stranger, we would of course let him in to look at his wares. I’m not sure what his name was, other than the Fuller Brush Man, but I sure have fond memories of his visits. It is just that we would all gather at our front entry way to see what kinds of whoosits, whatsits and gadgets he had for sale.

Over the years I have asked many people if they know about the Fuller Brush Man, no one seems to. I googled him once and it turns out that the Fuller Brush Man, was not just a man but an entire company, just like Avon. The company was started in 1906 by Mr. Alfred C. Fuller in Nova Scotia.

Now, I wonder… my Father seems to really like various brushes, there are all sorts of neat ones around his house including of course a shaving brush, I wonder if it is made from badger hair as tradition dictates? I will have to ask him. I think I must like the Fuller Brush Man so because my Pops seemed to like his visits.

This past spring on one of my junk shop travels, I came across a 1950-60s original Bakelite Fuller Brush Man letter opener.

It just happened to be close to my Dad’s birthday. I bought it and ended up using it as a cake decoration for his birthday.

This cake was really funny to make, my first real attempt at using icing tips and a bag. Freelance stuff is easy, writing is another tricky story. Happy 65th Birthday from the Fuller Brush Man Pops!

Fuller Brush Man, Montgomery Boulevard, my family… great memories.

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  1. Mom /

    Growing up can sometimes be very traumatic!!!
    It’s lovely to see you have good memories.
    Hope they will remain with you well into your old age.
    Love you.

  2. leona Machan /

    Michelle there is a fuller brush man I have been buying from him since I came here 40 years ago and my parents used to buy from one in Newfoundland Somewhere i still have a hair brush I purchased 40 years ago. His name is Marshall Parker and he has moved from Kingston Area to Port Hope . He still comes here maybe 3-4 times a week and I buy many of my cleaning products from him He is elderly now and more feeble .He drove the same stationwagon for as long as I can remember but bought a new car in the last couple of years since he moved He arrives quietly, sits for awhile to cool down especially in summer Your order is delivered within the week .he is a very interesting man. He was here in November.

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